Album Review: The Faim - 'State of Mind' - Concert Crap

Album Review: The Faim – 'State of Mind' – Concert Crap

On September 13, The Faim’s debut album, State of Mind, will be released. Even though they only have an EP and a few singles out so far, this band from Perth, Australia has been touring extensively through three continents and has already headlined multiple tours. The Faim consists of vocalist Josh Raven, bassist and keyboardist Stephen Beerkens, guitarist Samuel Tye, and drummer Linden Marissen.

State of Mind opens with “Tongue Tied,” which is a fast-paced song sure to get you pumped for the rest of the album. “Humans” is the first single off of State of Mind. This song was a bit different than what I was expecting from The Faim, but it fits in with the album as a whole. “Humans” hits home with lyrics like “sometimes you gotta break just to know you’re human.” “Summer Is a Curse” is the title track off of The Faim’s EP that was released in the fall of 2018. No matter what the temperature is outside, this song always brings me back to the heat of summer. Check out the music video for it HERE. The next track, “Beautiful Drama,” is a smooth, polished track. “Buying Time” is an upbeat song that you’d expect to hear on Top 40 radio stations. It definitely grew on me more each time I listened to it, and it’s one of those songs that I know would sound great when performed live.

One song that The Faim has been including in their live set for a while is “Infamous,” and long-time fans are sure to be happy that they can finally listen to a studio version of it. This song comes together perfectly, flawlessly combining guitars, keys, and drums. “Amelie” was released earlier this year, and you can check out the music video HERE. “Words Apart” is most likely going to get stuck in your head the first time that you hear it. “Where The River Runs” is the slow song on State of Mind. This song is most likely going to bring tears to your eyes as it did to me the first time that I heard it. The album closes with the title track, the longest song on the album.

State of Mind is one of those albums where it’s impossible for me to choose a favorite song off of it. None of the songs sound exactly alike, and many of them were even different than what I was expecting from the band. Considering this is The Faim’s debut album, I was surprised how polished and put together every track sounded. This is a band that I completely expect to get huge soon, and I can’t wait to see what they do in the future. You can pre-order their album HERE.

  1. Tongue Tied
  2. Humans
  3. Summer Is a Curse
  4. Beautiful Drama
  5. Buying Time
  6. Infamous
  7. Amelie
  8. Words Apart
  9. Where the River Runs
  10. State of Mind

Post by Anna Rhodes

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