Best Albums of 2019 - Concert Crap

Best Albums of 2019 – Concert Crap

  1. Afterlife – Breaking Point

Afterlife is a band that seems to have blown up in the scene this year, even though it’s been less than 12 months since they released their debut album. They’ve been continuously touring throughout 2019, even making it over to Europe, and are closing out the year with a couple of headlining shows. My favorites off of the album are “PSA,” “Giving Back the Pain,” and “New Rage.”

  1. FEVER 333 – Strength in Numb333rs

FEVER 333 got the year started off with a very impactful album. Their powerful blend of hardcore and hip-hip are used as a vessel to get their message across. I feel like this politically charged band is just what the world needs right now. I’d recommend listening to “Animal,” The Innocent,” and “Coup D’Etalk.”

  1. Point North – Retrograde EP

Point North released this five song EP early on in the year, and, more recently, the band announced they signed to Hopeless Records and released a new single, “Heartbeat.” This pop punk EP is filled with catchy songs perfect for jumping around to at a concert. My favorites are “Never Coming Home,” “Hotel Room,” and “Gasoline.”

  1. Badflower – OK, I’m Sick

When Badflower released their debut album, it was highly anticipated by many who had heard their previously released EP. The album is filled with both slower and more fast-paced songs, all of which have lyrics that are almost painfully honest. My favorites are “x Ana x,” “Promise Me,” and “Die.”

  1. I Prevail – Trauma

After a couple of years between new albums, I Prevail finally dropped new music in 2019. Trauma shows that they are back, better than ever, and- best of all- here to stay. My favorite songs are “DOA,” “Gasoline,” and “Deadweight.”

  1. Andy Black – The Ghost of Ohio

This spring, Andy Black released his sophomore solo album. The songs on The Ghost of Ohio are proof that Andy Black is more than just the lead singer of Black Veil Brides. The album tells a story, and is accompanied by his graphic novel by the same name. Check out “Westwood Road,” “Know One,” and “Ghost of Ohio.”

  1. Hot Milk – Are You Feeling Alive?

I honestly just started listening to this EP recently, but, wow, I wish I had found this band sooner. Their debut EP only has four songs on it, but they’re all tracks I can’t wait to hear live. My favorites off of the EP are “Wide Awake” and “Take Your Jacket,” and you should also check out their recently released single, “Candy Coated Lie$.”

  1. Jonas Brothers – Happiness Begins

2019 was a very good year: the Jonas Brothers reunited. Though I don’t listen to much pop music, I truly did like their comeback album. I love the mix of the more upbeat songs and the slower songs that are still poppy. My favorite tracks are “Cool,” “Only Human,” and “Rollercoaster.”

  1. The Faim – State of Mind

If you know me at all, you could easily guess that I’d put The Faim on this list. I’ve been supporting this band since they had two songs out, so to finally see them release their debut album has been amazing. State of Mind highlights the band’s signature mix of alternative and pop punk, along with some songs that wouldn’t shock me if they got played on Top 40s radio stations. It’s hard for me to choose favorites on this album, but I’d recommend checking out “Tongue Tied,” “Humans,” and “Amelie.”

  1. Otherwise – Defy­

When I first listened to this album, I was blown away by it. I’ve been listening to Otherwise for years, and some of the songs were not what I was expecting from the band, but I mean that in the best way. Check out “Bad Trip,” “Money,” and “Goliath.”

Post by Anna Rhodes

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